Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Our New Addition - Brylee Dell

On Wednesday (9/8) morning I woke up at about 1:30am with contraction pains different than just plain old Braxton-Hicks. They weren't terrible or anything but I was still up for 2 hours. I went back to sleep and woke up still having them but I went about getting things done I needed to for the day. Bobby and I ran errands when he got home, well to Sonic at least...haha. We were going to have our last date night b/c I was scheduled to be induced the next night so it was our last chance. I was definitely not up for it. We were timing my contractions then and they were about 7-8 min. apart and 15-20 seconds long (doesn't sound bad unless you're the one having them!). So I voted no movie - I knew I wouldn't be able to sit in a theater and focus so we still decided to go to dinner at Olive Garden. I dealt with it - because I wanted salad and bread sticks of course! We came home, watched a movie, and went to bed about midnightish. Around 1:30, I woke up again. The contractions were so painful now I cried through them. Finally, I couldn't bear them any longer so I woke Bobby up. Every time I had one I pinched his nipple or grabbed his arm so tightly :). He loved it. We timed them and they were now 5 minutes apart and lasted more like 30-35 seconds. I told him we should go in. I was scared though because I didn't want to look like some idiot and them be like - wow what a loser...if she thinks this is bad...just wait. You know? But, we got everything loaded, I looked like CRAP (not exactly what I pictured myself looking like when I went in - hoping for a shower, hair that was done make-up, clothes instead of scrubs, etc....nut when the time came, I didn't think I could do anything), and drove to the hospital. We got there about 4:30, went up to labor and delivery, signed in, and the ladies there were don't look like you're in enough pain to be in labor. You're smiling and walked in here like nothing was going on but we'll check you out. So I went to triage, changed into a gown, and they had a nurse come check me. After 15 minutes she came in, did her check and told me I was at a 5. She said I was indeed in labor (as soon as she did I began crying of course. It was all too real now and there was no turning back) and so they began admitting me into the hospital. I went into the delivery room about 5:30, got settled on the bed, and they asked me if I wanted my epidural. Of course I said I said before the contractions SUCKED. So 5-10 min. later the anesthesiologist came in, did his thing (which wasn't too bad at all), and almost immediately I could no longer feel any of my contractions and my legs went numb. It was amazing. My parents got there at about 7 and hung around. Dr. McKernan came in about 7:15, did a check and said I was at 7-8 and he broke my water...grossest thing ever. Especially if you're diagnosed as having excessive amniotic fluid. I was laying in a bed of my own bodily juices. There were like puddles, literally. It was so gross. And it would randomly just keep coming out. He said it would be about an hour per cm left (so 2-3 hours) before I would be ready to deliver. Well, after about 20 minutes of my water and juices flowing onto my bed I couldn't take it anymore so I told the nurse and she was like...."oh yes you are swimming! let's clean that up." So, she got new pads, sheets, etc. and switched everything out. Then, she asked me how I was doing. I told her I could feel some pressure so she said...ok I'll check you out before I leave really quick. She did and said, "Wow, you're at a 10 and I can feel her head. We better start pushing and get ready to deliver." Panic moment #2. So, she left and got the extra cart and other stuff. She came back in and within minutes she was telling me how to push and when to start. Pushing was probably my biggest fear of anything. I didn't want the horror stories I had been hearing of pushing for 2+ hours and the epidural losing its steam, etc. I pushed through 2 contractions (probably took 5 minutes) and she said I was ready for the Dr. to come back and push the baby out. So, we waited for him to come from his office. Finally, he got there, I pushed through 1 contraction and then 1 push on the next and her head was out. It was so weird and happened so fast. After she had her shoulders out, he told me to pull her the rest of the way out....which was weird but very cool. I pulled her out screaming! Bobby almost passed out. He had this unexplainable look on his face - half smile, half "what the crap did I just see". It was a very cool experience. I loved it. And practically painless! I couldn't believe how much different it was than I thought it would be. She came at 8:33 am and weighed 6 lbs, 3 oz and was 19 inches long.

We came home on Saturday and relaxed through the afternoon and evening. She slept really well at was a much better experience than the 2 nights at the hospital. Sunday, Bobby went to church and my mom, sister, and nephew came over. They hung around the whole day, watched her while I showered and took a nap, and made dinner. It was another easy, relaxing day. Monday and Tuesday were the same - pretty good sleeping (she wakes every 2-3 hours to eat but that's what I expected so I can't complain - sometimes I have to wake her up b/c she is so out of it). Every time I check her in her bed she has either scooted almost completely off her positioning pad or is completely off...I'm thinking she doesn't like it :). She is quite the funny little girl.

Today was a big day for such a new little human. We actually woke up...and Mom (that's me now :)) did her make-up AND hair (I can't tell you the last time that happened) and we took her to Chick Fil A and met Bobby's sister there for breakfast. She did pretty good - only got fussy at the end and when I walked her outside she was instantly calm. She loves the warmth and sunlight (form what I've gathered so far anyway!). Then, she took a nice long nap and had her first dr. appt. Everything was fine...she weighed 6 lbs. 6 oz (and she was 5 lbs. 13 oz. when we left the hospital) so that was a chunk of weight she gained! They did her little heel prick and she screamed bloody murder. It was horrible and had a trill to it. I'm not looking forward to her shot appts. Ugh...hard to handle. We even went to the grocery store after that and she was good as can be.

She is laying in my left arm right now and I love it. Even if my life revolves 100% around her and it's nearly impossible for me to get anything else done right now, and if there is already pee and poop stains on my carpet and couch, I wouldn't change a thing about it. Bobby and I love her to death and can't imagine our life the way it was a week ago!

Last picture of me pregnant - 4 days before delivery.

Brylee's first picture ever.
Her first "weigh-in".
The Parks first family photo.

Just a cute pic. of her face not so swollen.

A cute body shot.
Snuggled in her favorite blanket to sleep in - a Swaddle Me. I love this thing.
Ready to go home from the hospital!
Another cute face:)
Her going-home outfit.
Cute eyes ( and headband - thanks to Alyssa!).
In Grandma Parks' sleeper all stretched out.

More pics to come soon - some from the last 2 days aren't uploaded and I'm not in the mood to go downstairs for my camera!


Kim and Nathan said...

Congrats!!! She's beautiful

Waddie said...

Rachel!!!!! I have to confess, I got verclempt. I'm so proud and happy and excited for you and Bobby. I want to see her so badly!!! I can't wait until I get to. Give that beautiful little thing a kiss for me. =) Love ya!

Aubrey said...

yay!!! congrats! i absolutely loved the enire story! and brylee is just as cute as can be! can't wait to visit and see that little bundle! i noticed you decided to give her your middle name afterall :)

Brandon and Alyssa said...

I love it!! She is such a sweet little girl!! She is also WAY cute!!! I'm so excited for you guys!! Congratulations!! (:

kimberly said...

oh my sweet little niece is so adorable. i cant wait to see her in a few weeks. and rachel, you said you looked bad but you dont. you look great it those pictures. trust me, i will show you what i looked like after i had mikenna ( all night and day labor, pushing for 2 1/2 hours, and then an emergency c-section) i looked aweful. anyway, im so excited for you and bobby. you'll be great parents. miss you three!!!

Jessica said...

She really is so adorable! I agree with Kimmie, you really don't look bad at ALL! I will show you my pic right after I had braxton too. I'm a swollen mess! Lol, but I guess we all think we look bad when others don't think so. But everyone even told me I looked aweful! Lol, we need to come over and cook dinner for you guys! Let me know when we can.

Cherise said...

So I am excited for more updates on this cute girl! How is it going? I bet she is so fun!