Tuesday, June 16, 2009

So, I haven't posted as much as I would have liked to, but I will eventually become addicted I'm sure. Since the last post, we've been pretty busy. We are in the process of house hunting/buying. It's not fun AT ALL. I hate it, but hopefully soon we will see the light. Bobby finished up school and started summer school, which I have been assisting him with due to my abundance of free time. He has a highly feminist professor and everything basically has to do with how women are treated poorly. It's been really really weird. School has been out since May 29th. I LOVE being home and having lots of free time to do whatever I want. I basically do everything I couldn't do while I was teaching including sleeping in (my very favorite), staying up late, watching daytime television, reading, eating lunch with my husband, taking naps, cleaning (it's been pretty nice), swimming, bowling, and puzzles (which may sound pretty lame but we are having fun with it). We finished our first one of Las Vegas yesterday. And considering that's the only one we own, we need to go and buy another one. :) Here we are at one of our bowling nights (every Tuesday).Last Tuesday I had jury duty and could have been called for a trial lasting 5 weeks - basically my whole summer but luckily I got dismissed in the first group. So, Bobby and I booked our incredible summer vacation for the next day all the way at 7th Street and Cactus - we decided to go a little cheap this summer. So on Wednesday we first got up, packed, then went and bought a couch that we love love love. It's in my parent's storage unit however since we have no where to put it and are moving in two weeks anyway. But, we are excited to use it someday! After that we went to our resort and hung around for a few days but not without getting a horrible sunburn! I couldn't even wear shirts it hurt so bad. It started its peeling yesterday and is very unattractive. I plan on wearing sunscreen the rest of the summer.This is basically the only picture we took there before our "nice" dinner out. I made Bobby try out Oregano's for his first time and he of course loved the pizza cookie (basically the only reason I made him go there). We also ate at one of the restaurants at the resort which may have been a mistake. There was only like 10 things on the menu and every one of them was a little too fancy for us and included some ingredient we didn't like. It was pretty funny. Bue we had lots of fun relaxing and not cooking for a few days. On Saturday we went to the Dbacks game with Lindsey and Sean, first going to Friday's Front Row (Bobby did not know Friday's Front Row was just a TGIFridays which was pretty amusing). Diamondbacks lost which makes them 0 for 2 for the games we've gone to this summer. Bobby has of course not been happy about that. Lifehouse played after - we knew exactly 3 of their songs but that's ok - it was fun and free. It was a good night. Here we are at the game.Now, we're just waiting and working on the house business and preparing to move into my parent's in 2 weeks until we have one!