Tuesday, June 16, 2009

So, I haven't posted as much as I would have liked to, but I will eventually become addicted I'm sure. Since the last post, we've been pretty busy. We are in the process of house hunting/buying. It's not fun AT ALL. I hate it, but hopefully soon we will see the light. Bobby finished up school and started summer school, which I have been assisting him with due to my abundance of free time. He has a highly feminist professor and everything basically has to do with how women are treated poorly. It's been really really weird. School has been out since May 29th. I LOVE being home and having lots of free time to do whatever I want. I basically do everything I couldn't do while I was teaching including sleeping in (my very favorite), staying up late, watching daytime television, reading, eating lunch with my husband, taking naps, cleaning (it's been pretty nice), swimming, bowling, and puzzles (which may sound pretty lame but we are having fun with it). We finished our first one of Las Vegas yesterday. And considering that's the only one we own, we need to go and buy another one. :) Here we are at one of our bowling nights (every Tuesday).Last Tuesday I had jury duty and could have been called for a trial lasting 5 weeks - basically my whole summer but luckily I got dismissed in the first group. So, Bobby and I booked our incredible summer vacation for the next day all the way at 7th Street and Cactus - we decided to go a little cheap this summer. So on Wednesday we first got up, packed, then went and bought a couch that we love love love. It's in my parent's storage unit however since we have no where to put it and are moving in two weeks anyway. But, we are excited to use it someday! After that we went to our resort and hung around for a few days but not without getting a horrible sunburn! I couldn't even wear shirts it hurt so bad. It started its peeling yesterday and is very unattractive. I plan on wearing sunscreen the rest of the summer.This is basically the only picture we took there before our "nice" dinner out. I made Bobby try out Oregano's for his first time and he of course loved the pizza cookie (basically the only reason I made him go there). We also ate at one of the restaurants at the resort which may have been a mistake. There was only like 10 things on the menu and every one of them was a little too fancy for us and included some ingredient we didn't like. It was pretty funny. Bue we had lots of fun relaxing and not cooking for a few days. On Saturday we went to the Dbacks game with Lindsey and Sean, first going to Friday's Front Row (Bobby did not know Friday's Front Row was just a TGIFridays which was pretty amusing). Diamondbacks lost which makes them 0 for 2 for the games we've gone to this summer. Bobby has of course not been happy about that. Lifehouse played after - we knew exactly 3 of their songs but that's ok - it was fun and free. It was a good night. Here we are at the game.Now, we're just waiting and working on the house business and preparing to move into my parent's in 2 weeks until we have one!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Our Last 5 Months Together

So I may have had this blog for quite a long time. And I may not have written a single thing. But, I am planning on making up for that right now. With one really long blog covering the last 5 months of our marriage. Excuse me - 5 months and 3 days. So here we go. To begin, we got married October 18. Here are some pictures to remember that sacred day in history. :) The first one is my favorite picture. The second one is a picture we requested to make fun of my lovely older brother's kissing skills. I could add pictures all day. So two is plenty for the wedding. But, it was a perfect day and we loved every second of it and that all of our family and friends could be there. Now that we are married, we have done some other stuff. First we went on our honeymoon to San Diego. While wearing our hoodies as seen below, we were first mistaken as lesbians (poor Bobby) and then as a gay couple (poor me). Quite embarrassing...for the lady who decided to speak to strangers in an elevator. And, we went to the San Diego Temple. It was beautiful and a wonderful experience. Then, we went to a few Suns games. We have kinda lost interest in them now....cause they have been sucking. But, they won all the games we went to. (I think...haha.) This picture is from one we went to for Bobby's birthday (which was exactly 9 days after we got married, he turned 23...already old and hairy). We actually had good seats - like 9th rowish. The other ones we went to were free, therefore in the back row. I went to Carrie Underwood with my girls in Nov. I think Bobby went and played softball. I have one picture from it and it's of Celina and me.Let's see...after that came Thanksgiving. We ate at my family's and there was a LOT of stuffing. That's pretty much all I recall. We spent a day in Prescott shopping and going to some Prescott Christmas ritual at the courthouse. It was fun but very cold. We saw some missionaries who used to be in our Single's Ward. That was pretty random. And then came Christmas. We spent Christmas Eve at my house and Christmas Day mostly with Bobby's family (what was left of them...and now half of them are gone now). Over our break, we pretty much played Sequence with my grandparents the entire time. We went over there almost everyday. It was quite the competition.
Following Christmas came New Year's. This picture is very personal. Our first New Year's kiss as a married couple. Wait - make that our first New Year's kiss ever. Don't get too emotional. You will also see how well I can center pictures when I am holding the camera and taking the picture myself. Then, school started again. I was back to work and Bobby was starting school. He has already finished his Business Law class - with an A - he's so smart :). I also started a class in January to get my SEI Endorsement. That finished about 4 days ago thankfully. My birthday came in February. We went to Top Shelf with my family and Bobby took me to Outback. Bobby bought me Rascal Flatts tickets for my birthday and the concert was on March 12th. It was so, so, so, so, good. I loved it. Bobby wore shorts because "it was really really hot outside". He shook the whole time because he was so cold. :) It was funny. Two days before this, Bobby performed in the Preacher's Quorum Talent Show doing synchronized swimming.
It was pretty much the only funny thing of the night. I laughed. On March 14th it was our 1 year mark from our first date. On our first (accidental) date, we went to a spring training game. So, we repeated it and went to the game again. It was nice out. The last game we went to like two weeks earlier with Bobby's sister and her husband, was extremely hot. This one was perfect with a nice breeze and everything. This week was our spring break so we went to Vegas. We stayed at the Monte Carlo for two nights - anything longer is too long. We saw the Blue Man Group on Tuesday night. It turned out to be a stressful night cause we were late, weren't 100% sure where the Venetian was, crowds were HUGE on the strip because it was St. Patty's day and we didn't know if we were going to have time to eat. But it all worked out, we ate, we got there on time, and we weren't mugged. We shopped on the strip on Wednesday, did some slots, saw the "it was a waste of our time" Treasure Island show, the Bellagio fountains which I could watch all day, skipped out on our reservations at a restaurant at the Wynn because when we got there the steaks cost $60. We chose a cheaper version just down the hall at $30. It was the cutest restaurant with pink and yellow curtains and couches as seats. I loved it. And Bobby hit the blackjack tables after dinner coming out even. That changed when he went back Thursday morning to the $5 tables. He came out a little less than even ;). But, he had fun. We went to the Las Vegas Temple for temple number 3 (because obviously we have alread been to Mesa). It was very, very pretty as well. We rushed home to my little brother's 18th birthday dinner at Macayo's and were only late by 15 minutes. That pretty much sums up our 5 months in a short blog. Life is perfect (besides the fact that I will have 7 new kids in my class when I go back to work Monday). I plan on keeping up a little better from now on. :)
The last picture is just added because it shows what my husband loves to do everyday when he gets home from work. And he does it well. I love him so much :) Isn't he cute?